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We know how embarrassing it is with an empty gap in your mouth whenever your teeth the skin loses that is certainly why our company offers dental bridge.  - Dental implants Mission Viejo

Dental bridge are since the name goes, bridges the visible difference developed by any missing tooth or several teeth. Our dental bridge consists of several artificial or false teeth called pontics and are held together by 2 or more anchoring teeth called abutment. You can expect artificial teeth created from a selection of materials such as gold, alloys, silver or porcelain.

In placing the dental bride, our dentist supports them by natural tooth or implants.

Why dental bridge?

Bridges have a lot of importance and operations including

�    Help keep the available teeth still from their proper position

�    It helps you to maintain the shape and structure in the face

�    Dental bridges makes it possible to restore lost power to chew as well as speak properly

�    By replacing missing teeth through dental bridges, the force to bite properly becomes distributed evenly.

�    It not just restores your smile but restores the confidence in your soul thus making your smile your crowning glory

What you should expect during a dental bridge

Having a dental bridge is surely an affordable, safe and proven strategy for your missing teeth which is why our dentists not rush to bring out your best and enviable results for you

During your first holiday to get a bridge, we prepare the abutment teeth by recontouring one's teeth by removing included in the enamel to ensure that there'll be room to get a crown being placed them over then models will probably be developed by making impressions of teeth.

Our dentist will thereafter build a temporary dental bridge available so that your exposed teeth and gum will be protected whilst the dental bridge will be made.

In your second visit, we will remove your temporary bridge whilst the dental bridge is going to be checked to obtain a proper fit after which it the bridge is cemented into place.

Our dental bridges may last for a very long time and does not cause any discomfort from the mouth.- Dental implants Mission Viejo

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